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Kickstart the world’s transition to fossil-free flying

Aviation emissions cause a significant share of global warming, and are on pace to get much worse in the coming decades. The best and most immediate solution already exists, but is facing critical hurdles preventing adoption: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

SAF creates up to 80% less C02 emissions over its lifecycle than fossil jet fuel, but only accounts for 0.1% of jet fuel in use today. 
It’s a problem that you can help solve with a pledge.

The Fly Green Coalition will be launched during the COP28 Climate Hub Program

Aviation must change - NOW!

Aviation emissions make up approximately 2.5% of global carbon emissions, but they are responsible for around 7.2% of all global warming because CO2 released high in the atmosphere has a disproportionate effect. By 2050, aviation’s share of all global warming effects is expected to increase to as high as 22%!

The aviation industry is researching electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft that hold promise, especially for smaller planes on shorter to medium-haul routes that might be available by the 2040s, but we need an immediate solution to stop the ballooning emissions THIS decade.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the pragmatic solution

SAF can be made from many things ranging from garbage and food waste (biofuel) to captured carbon dioxide (e-fuel or synthetic fuel), it’s compatible with existing airplanes and infrastructure, and has the potential to cut lifecycle emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuel. It can even be blended with regular fuel, so it doesn’t require a full transition to begin making a difference!

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The cyclical lack of demand for SAF

Despite the fact that Sustainable Aviation Fuel has been available since 2008, adoption has been extremely limited due to cost.  It’s more expensive than fossil jet fuel, so airlines don’t use it. Because of that low demand, producers cannot leverage economies of scale to bring down the price to compete with fossil fuel. So the lack of production creates a lack of demand, which further delays additional production.

The mission of the Fly Green Coalition is to “make the first move” to break that cycle! 


Jumpstarting economies of scale

SAF producers are ready and waiting to build out new production facilities – however investors will only finance enough production to meet the demand that is already proven to exist, because selling higher priced fuel to an industry with razor thin margins is seen as such a high-risk investment. The result is artificially inflated prices and painfully slow production increases, as production continually lags years behind demand.

The planet is boiling. We don’t have time to play it safe to protect shareholder interests!

The case of solar: Soaring demand craters costs by 400x

For decades, solar power faced criticism due to its high cost, making it “uncompetitive” with conventional electricity generation methods. 

But while the cost of grid-based electricity has remained relatively stable, the cost of solar plummeted from $76.67 per watt in 1977 to become the cheapest source of energy in history at just $0.18 per watt — a remarkable 400-fold reduction. This remarkable transformation can be attributed to the growing demand for solar energy solutions, driving innovation and cost-effectiveness in the industry.

This very same process is already happening now with SAF. But by quantifying demand, we can make it happen immediately.

Because unlike solar in the 1970s, we no longer have the luxury of waiting 50 years to let the process happen on its own.


Businesses must lead the way

We can’t rely on governments to do this through policy alone – now more than ever the world is looking to businesses to take the lead on the most important societal issues.

81% of people expect to see CEOs personally leading the conversation about how their company is contributing to solving societal issues, and climate change is the #1 issue they believe companies are not doing enough to solve.*

Time to take action?

Join us in supporting Sustainable Aviation Fuels and reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Together, we can make a difference.


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